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Since starting my online store business just over 12 months ago now I found that using stock photos from the suppliers is just ok.  Now I say just ok because not only are they readily available to me but to everyone else out there that knows how to use a computer. Which means you can be tarred by the same brush as those business that don't do the right things, as people only see the picture and not the name of the business or the locations. Leading up to Christmas I had a number of people commenting on my Facebook posts...

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Combine the HuIna Loader 1583 + Metal Excavator 1580 + Dump Truck 1573 into a package and SAVE! The HuIna 1583 Wheeled loader is made from Metal & Plastic and simulates the real machine with a working stack. This is a 10 channel, die cast metal and some plastic remote controlled Wheeled Loader. Scale 1:14 coming in at a size of 57x 20x 27cm. This machine has play time of approx 40 minutes and charging time of 3-4 hours. Simulates forward/backward, turn left/turn right Omni bearing control, with the steering being light. The remote control uses 2 x joysticks to control the machine....

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I had a question for a potential buyer on Facebook the other week. His question was - "Can these get me a beer?" WELL I said let me see! Now off I go and grab a can of soft drink (we didn't have any beer in the house), and grabbed the Timber Grab Excavator. We set it all up to video thinking it was going to take a couple of goes to get it right, you know practice..... Low and behold - first go we got the timber excavator to grab the drink while it was lying on it's side....

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