Using your own awesome photos!

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Using your own awesome photos!

Since starting my online store business just over 12 months ago now I found that using stock photos from the suppliers is just ok. 

Now I say just ok because not only are they readily available to me but to everyone else out there that knows how to use a computer. Which means you can be tarred by the same brush as those business that don't do the right things, as people only see the picture and not the name of the business or the locations.

Leading up to Christmas I had a number of people commenting on my Facebook posts that I was a scammer, or fake, or that you won't get what you order and that all came from using the same photos as everyone else. Now I always commented on these posts letting people know that I am an Aussie and to call me at anytime to discuss their purchase - if they had truly purchased from me. And each time the person was angry and the company they purchased from (overseas companies) and had seen my stock photo, and always apologised and ended up going on to share my posts.

Hence, the reason to go out to have my own photos of my own products! This has been all to the great work of Alan Nunez and his staff at PixelPartnersAlan has vast experience in taking photos of products and this is then expressed in the editing of the photo to give an awesome end product photo.

Check out these awesome photos of the HuINa 1550 excavator here!