Who would have thought it would do this?

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Who would have thought it would do this?

I had a question for a potential buyer on Facebook the other week. His question was - "Can these get me a beer?" WELL I said let me see!

Now off I go and grab a can of soft drink (we didn't have any beer in the house), and grabbed the Timber Grab Excavator. We set it all up to video thinking it was going to take a couple of goes to get it right, you know practice.....

Low and behold - first go we got the timber excavator to grab the drink while it was lying on it's side. This was exciting to us as we didn't think it was going to work!


WOW we are on a winner here, cause now we don't have to get up to get a drink from the esky!!! All we have to do is set up the drinks in the esky so they are on their sides and there we go we have a drink brought to me!

Now it's time to try out the Ball Grab Excavator to see if it can do the same think??