What can the RC 1577 Forklift Lift

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What can the RC 1577 Forklift Lift

Well I’ve been out and about and displaying all of the remark control toys that I have there’s been a lot of questions asked of the remote controlled forklift from HuINa model 1577.

Now I’ve seen lots of videos posted on YouTube of the forklift carrying small people on the trailer or even on top of the forklift self. These are just small children no more than 4 to 8 kgs in weight. Thinking that a graph you can carry a small child I put my 20 kg daughter on the back of the trailer and unfortunately the forklift was not able to tow her. Then I have another customer who had bought a forklift and trailer from me at one of the, YoYo! Yoyo came up to me at the Moreton Bay Small Business Expo and was all excited to say that her son loves using his forklift and trailer. Now he is helping her with the chores around the house, he helps to set the table by taking the dinner plates and drinks and cutlery on his trailer of the forklift.

 After hearing this I thought wow this child knows how to think outside of the square and uses his imagination. Then I thought well what else can we carry on our forklift and trailer? After watching a few videos from overseas on YouTube of the things that they had on their forklift and trailer I thought okay I’m gonna give it ago.

 So in true Aussie fashion, I grab the first thing that was in the fridge, you could only imagine what that was being Aussie, and put them on a pallet of the forklift to see if a would lift the drinks. Loan behold I put for standard 345 mil drinks on the pallet What can the HuINa 1577 RC Forklift and 1578 Trailer lift or tow?to begin with and unfortunately was just a little bit too heavy! So I went down wondering to 3x345 mil drinks out of my fridge on the pallet and left it with the forklift no dramas whatsoever. However we did have a little drama when it came to driving the forklift with the three drinks, as it was a bit front heavy.

 I was so excited I have the kids in the background cheering and clapping along. So I thought okay well what else can this forklift? My son has made a ramp for his cars, so I decided to drive the forklift down the ramp to see how stable to see how good it was. And you will just have to watch the video to see how it went!

 Not satisfied with just that I had to take the next step further put the trailer on the forklift this time and put the three drinks on the trailer to see if tow. And well that was no dramas at all for the forklift. Funny enough I light bulb in my brain. Why don’t I put the drinks back on the palate and have the trailer on the back of the forklift to help stabilize the forklift well the drinks are on the front.

 Well I just solve my problem. The forklift with the trailer on the back can carry up to 3 drinks on its tynes and tow more on the trailer at the same time.

 Can you only imagine what you could do with this forklift and trailer now!

 You are now at a party and you've got your forklift and trailer, you've run out of drinks and snacks, put a note on your forklift asking for more drinks and snacks. Drive your forklift with trailer over to the area where everyone is standing and get someone’s attention.

They then laugh and point at you and call you names, but again in true Aussie fashion, they load up your forklift with your drinks and your snacks and you get to drive it back to where you’re sitting. Now that is a true Aussie!


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