What can I play with that is not messy and my remote controlled vehicles?

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What can I play with that is not messy and my remote controlled vehicles?

We love playing with our remote controlled excavators and dump trucks by sand or dirt is just too messy, what else could I use?

So, sand or dirt can be lots of fun to play with, but it can also be messy. Not only do the kids get covered in sand or dirt, so do the vehicles. Then there is where do you keep the pile of sand? How do I keep it clean? All these questions and concerns.

You could consider not playing in sand or dirt at all, but is that really what you want to do? Is that fun? Well yes it could be fun, depending on which vehicle you have. Vehicles like the forklift yes on concrete is great, but if you want to dig and play with your excavator or bulldozer and dump truck well then no it's not as fun.

Have you considered Kinetic sand or magic sand? Well I hadn't until just recent. I had bad reports about Kinetic sand, like toxic, kids eating it and so on. Now that could be the case for mass produced sand, but what about sand you make yourself?

After doing some research and finding different recipes, I believe that home made kinetic sand could be the way to go. You can make as much or as little as you like. you can store it in a container and not make nearly as much mess as you would with just sand.

One of the easiest recipes I have found only uses 5 items and one is optional.

Here you go, why not give it a go?


How to make Kinetic Sand


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