Dump Truck 1573, Excavator 1550, Forklift & Trailer 1577/78 HuIna Package

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Purchase the HuINa 1573 Dump Truck, 1577 Forklift, 1578 Trailer, 1550 Excavator and Save!

Add four pieces to your work site collection?

Let's get outdoors with your kids!


Take your excavator or dump truck to the worksite with the forklift and trailer!

The forklift comes with its tines and lifting hook, plus pallets (boxes not included). The die-cast forklift weighs a hefty 4.2kgs making this machine strong and durable.

This model has light, sound, an auto demo mode and is able to lift goods up and down as well as tow with the trailer.

The trailer is an alloy flatbed trailer able to carry cargo or carry other trucks to your worksite. Other vehicles able to be carried are the excavators models 1550, 1571, 1560 & 1570, dump truck or bulldozer.


Why not look at operating one of your own heavy vehicles and dig and play in the dirt?


The Remote Controlled Excavator is a great way of having fun outside!

They work like the real excavators and you are in control. The bucket is die cast along with a couple of other parts that will ensure your excavator will last digging in that dirt.


This tipper starts up like a real vehicle and has working lights, horn and indicators. Unlike its counter part the 1540, the 1573 has a larger remote control with more functions and is able to carry around 10kgs in its tray and still drive and tip with no hassles.

Wit a working tail gate and sounds while tipping you will have so much fun outside working along side HuINa's other new toys - Loader 1583 and Excavator 1580.


Packing List

1 x Remote Control Forklift 1577

1 x Trailer 1578 (non remote controlled)

1 x Remote Control Excavator 1550 

1 x Remote Control Dump Truck 1573

3 x Remote Control (Battery not included)

3 x Battery Pack

3 x Charger