Dump Truck - HuINa Remote Controlled 1540

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Purchase the HuINa 1540 Dump Truck  

HuINa's 1540 remote controlled Dump Truck!

Moving that dirt around has become all that much easier now, with the Remote Controlled Dump Truck you will be able to move dirt from one place to another.

Being able to control your dump truck to drive forward, backwards and turn 360 degrees makes this truck agile and easy to use. With the dump feature you are able to unload that load of dirt with the push of a button.

Add the dump to your collection!

Suitable ages 2 + years old

Scale 1:18


  1. Multi channels allow this product to go forward, backward, upward, downward. And it stimulates digging, flashing light, working sound (with mute button). Forward/ backward/ turn left/ turn right.
  2. Be equipped with a2.4 GHz transmitter.
  3. Realistic imitation of mechanical lifting arm of large and small sizes.
  4. Remote control distance: ≥25 meters
  5. Remote control speed: ≥0.72Km/h

Packing List

1 x Remote Control Toy - Dump Truck 1540

1 x Remote Control (Battery not included)

1 x Battery Pack

1 x Charger